Energy Pangea: QUIPROH + Gashi/Gic/Graph > Slimefest (Lutetium) by Iain Ball at Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York


Iain Ball

Energy Pangea: QUIPROH + Gashi/Gic/Graph > Slimefest (Lutetium)
Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York
January 19 – February 18, 2018

Taking influence from films such as A.I. (2001), Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), Southland Tales (2006) and a future America ‘106 winters after The Fall’ in Cloud Atlas (2012) the exhibition explores a jilted and uneasy nostalgia for pre — 2008 Americana, A point of no return and the influence of American hegemony along with it’s increasing fragility and decline as it is subject to wide scale technological, cultural and environmental disruptions.

The hegemony/decline axiom of Americana is represented as an anthropogenic layer upon which newly emergent unlocalised paradigms disrupt and propagate the preexisting zeitgeist. Represented as extradimensional polytopes, viscous and amorphous solids, the super sharp edges and perpetual feedback loops of DMT trips, ectoplasm, superstitions and conspiracies; Ball’s sculptures, which are based on polytopes designed by Hedrondude ( ) have been infused with a myriad of conspiratorial and narrative fictions such as future speculation on the use of the rare earth element Lutetium, metallic alloys recovered from suspected UFO’s and the potential for mathematical structures to contain encoded messages (such as those seen in crop circles) regarding the future of humanity.

— Sonmi-type worship nanocluster ankle-biters, lutetium polytope eagle frosted glass oil embargo presumably -46- winters after The Fall, solar panel shockwave level design in 5D down in the gallows at nighttime waiting for an Abraham Lincoln upgrade avatar as DLC unhackable. Immunization track record successful, suspects major upheaval in pillow talk with reverse engineered Alphatest Lindsay Mills clone on HBO. Next season birthing 8D Quasicrystals after flogging dodgy colon meds as sponsored content. Fairly logical arguments from Flat-Earthers and pitchfork wielding Youtubers posing as triple flip Russian JTRIG operatives paid to promote shitcoins, catch 228 clusterfuck xenomorph titanium bowser — searches latest news nothing yet headlines read — possible amoeba buzzclone feedword simiot mutation next year -. —

Iain Ball (b. 1984, England). Lives and works in London. Selected solo exhibitions include Praseodymium, Cell Project Space, London, 2016; ENERGY PANGEA + GOCH live > Terbium Energy Catalyst/Solar Maximum/Hybrid Synergy Drive, Future Gallery, Berlin, 2015; (Rare Earth Sculptures) Thulium, Perfect Present, Copenhagen, 2013. Iain Ball holds a MFA in Sculpture, The Slade School of Fine Art, 2015 and a BA in Fine Art, Oxford Brookes University, 2010