Flatline Constructs: Gothic Materialism and Cybernetic Theory-Fiction by Mark Fisher published by exmilitary



Mark Fisher’s PhD dissertation Flatline Constructs: Gothic Materialism and Cybernetic Theory-Fiction has been published by exmilitary, New York.

Forward by exmilitary:

Mark Fisher clicked send in 1999. The unpromising year – of forecasted occurrences, appearances and happenings – hosted the reception of his PhD dissertation at the University of Warwick – a site notorious today for a select cohort and non-tradition that Fisher continued to unearth and fabulate until his death last year. The disclosures of Flatline Constructs: Gothic Materialism and Cybernetic Theory-Fiction are manic, stimulative and depressive; a glimpse into a previous and insular era of fiction and theory that was, to be thought of, at its peak in the 1990s and yet colossally archaic in 21st century hindsight. Hysteria of the year 1999, and Y2K as a foundational hyperstitional event, should come at no surprise as a contagious and memetic inspiration for cyberpunk theory-fiction. The chronological prophecy from 19991 to 2000 is either entirely a fabrication suspect to illusions of ends or an underlined portrayal of the ongoing climatological yet air-conditioned disaster in progress both hiding the conceit that contemporary (of Fisher’s time and ours) culture is a ruinous disaster, vacuously invaluable. Optimistic postulates to the contrary are relapsed simulations of Minervian owls, serpentine coils, twittering birds, redemptive angels facing forward. Fisher never printed Flatline


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