Kai (Kari) Altmann at Final Hot Desert

Kai (Kari) Altmann

TTOA: Native Arrangement II

Final Hot Desert, Rozel Point, Utah, USA

July 7, 2020

Photography by Tucker Nickman

“Slowly, slowly, over time, the mark was carved, the view was widened and cleared, forms doubled and merged, then arranged themselves, seeking new terrains. Slowly, slowly, over time, mountains moved.”

TTOA is an ongoing series by Kai Altmann which, like much of her work, takes cues from a global range of material, philosophical and spiritual understandings, bringing them together into new hybridized free zones and languages which reflect their entanglement in her own lived realities. By bringing them to light she aims to let them “breathe” and begin to grow—many of her works are continually re-iterated as they mobilize through different collaborative production contexts across the world. This is the second version of “Native Arrangement” in the TTOA series, and there will be more to come.

Kai (Kari) Altmann aka Hitashya is a conceptual artist, musician, video and creative director based betweenDubai, Mumbai and Bangkok.

She is currently on lockdown in Mumbai, India, releasing music as HITASHYA and planning the correlating music videos.

She is also the founder/editor of XLE.LIFE.