Standardized Waters group exhibition at SECCMA Trust, Athens



Standardized Waters

Dimitra Dimopoulou, Florian Goldmann, George Tigkas, Jerome Aizpuro Suplemento, Krini Dimopoulou, Manolis D. Lemos, Vincent Grunwald

May 4 – June 24, 2018

SECCMA Trust, Athens

SECCMA Trust is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition Standardized Waters.

Since ancient times the oceans have been a source of chance as well as of fear. Their conquest promises for profit but implies great dangers.
At times it was regarded wise to avoid leaving firm land categorically, as the ocean, the unfirm, was thought of as humanities’ antagonist per se.
Later, in the context of medieval maritime trade, risk was distinguished from hazards. While hazards were attributed to the environment, the gods, or the sea itself, risks were attributed to decisions. The exposure to risk is deliberately sought, whereas hazards are generally avoided.
This basic distinction can be understood as the foundation of today’s world-encompassing trading structures of which seafaring is still the fundamental component.

From the perspective of the office desks of shipping companies in Piraeus, London or Singapore the oceans are considered mere infrastructure.
The risks that lie hidden beneath the water surface are carefully calculated, located and administered as insurables.
The unfirm is rationalized and becomes an exchangeable commodity.
Yet, whereas radiation leaks, refugee boats, floating plastic islands and giant oil-spills on rising sea levels have been factored in as standard and are generally understood as status quo, the oceans still hold surprises.

The impossibility to include the human factor, the calculator herself, in the equation makes for unknowns beyond calculability.
The contingency of these unknowns is the defining factor of contemporary seascapes. The physics of water won’t allow for maritime pathways to be beaten paths.


SECCMA Trust stands for Serapis Confederation for a Contemporary Maritime Art Trust.

It aims to form a maritime alliance supporting the growth and expansion of contemporary art locally and internationally.
It is a gallery and a museum and neither of the two.
Upholding the historical link between shipping and art in Greece since the Minoan era, SECCMA Trust seeks to channel the resources and international character of the Hellenic shipping world into the realm of contemporary art.