When I sleep he dreams about edible vegetables, off-site group exhibition


When I sleep he dreams about edible vegetables

Tomas Bryscejn, Veronika Čechmánková, Barbora Dayef, Lenka Glisníková, Nicolas Prokop, StonyTellers

Curated by AVG

Off-site show at abandoned limestone factory Biskup, Kvis, & Kotrba, Czech Republic

Last days of summer, 2019

Photography by Karolína Matušková


His name was Reno, he used to be a human-gardener. He lost his job and started to wander through nature….

In the memory, without any legend to him. Annotation, free of context or plot.

A gardener without a garden.

He ceased to own, became speechless. His skin hardened, his movements slowed down, time did not accelerate.

Once, he was Reno, today he does not need a name, it means nothing to him.

He feels something for it, perhaps he likes it, although he prefers to dig in the dirt with his own hands.

When I sleep he dreams about edible vegetables.

In the soil that doesn’t call him sir.

He used to be a gardener, perhaps he even used to be Reno.